Monday, November 12, 2012


To watch or not to watch? There is a high probability that when you where a kind your parents forbade you to watch TV for too long. They had many rational arguments to support their statement, namely: it will hinder your eyesight, there is too much violence and foul language, you should be doing your homework, go outside and get some fresh air, etc. The same applied to me. Now, when I'm older I can decide for myself. And the answer is easy: not to watch in general. Why? Because I have no time for it and when I manage to spare some free time and feel like watching something in TV nothing interesting is on. However, to every rule there are exceptions. I'm going to write about the funniest (in my opinion) TV series I have seen to this moment. It is rather popular so you might have heard about it. It's called Scrubs. Some jokes can be deemed as shallow, but mostly they are brilliantly crafted and you can barely stop laughing. Some are abstract, some hilariously simple. In terms of humor only The Penguins of Madagascar (sadly enough, only with Polish dubbing) can compete with Scrubs. Characters such as doctor Cox or the Janitor will forever stay in your memory. Of course, there is more to this series than meets the eye. It has a pinch (sometimes more) of seriousness. It mixes with laughter at a perfect ratio, making this TV show quite unique. For some time it was the only, new thing making me think there is hope for television yet.

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